The mission of the He’s In Her Corner Initiative is to encourage all men to be advocates and allies for girls’ empowerment and support Girls Inc. of New Hampshire mission to inspire all girls to be Strong, Smart & Bold.

This critical initiative was designed to galvanize men to serve as ambassadors for the mission of Girls Inc., to illustrate men engaged in supporting a more equitable society for all girls, to advocate for girls’ rights, and to help raise funds to support the mission of Girls Inc. Proceeds raised in the challenge will directly benefit the Girls Inc. of New Hampshire Scholarship Program. We do not turn girls away who can’t afford our services.  This opportunity also provides men who are champions for women’s and girls’ empowerment with a platform to demonstrate their support and ensures that girls see men as allies in support of their development, issues impacting them, and their ability to navigate the challenges they face.

When you support Girls Inc. of NH, you are telling girls that they have professional NH men in their corner who believe in the strengths and abilities of young women. You are investing in their future.

Together, we can increase the number of girls who have the opportunity to develop their inherent strengths, break past barriers to achieve their full potential, and help others, as they were helped along the way.


Champion Level Membership:
Become a “He’s In Her Corner Champion” by making an annual donation $1,000 or more. Make your gift as a one-time donation or join our Monthly Circle of Champions with a recurring gift of $84 per month.  Your photo and testimonial (up to 75 words) will appear our website, all social media, and on the NH Business Review website.

He’s In Her Corner” Donor Member:
Become a “He’s In Her Corner Donor” by making an annual donation $500. Make your gift as a one-time donation or join our Monthly Circle of Donors with a recurring give of $42 per month. Your photo and testimonial (up to 75 words) will appear on Facebook and Instagram.   

For more information on how you can get involved with the Girls Inc. of New Hampshire’s He’s In Her Corner Initiative, please contact Sharron McCarthy, CEO, Girls Inc. of NH at

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